Monday, February 21, 2011

Kitten Madness

I meant to follow-up on the travel post, but Valla the Kitten has been very insistent today that everything must revolve around her, so, I might as well focus on the Cat part of the title today.  She is the youngest of the lot, adopted on New Year's weekend.  She was, at that time, about 3-4 weeks old, and she was a tiny kitten skeleton with grungy grey fur.  She had been found alone in an abandoned building, and probably would not have survived more than another day or two had she not been found.  We brought her home and gave her multiple baths, and started her on milk replacement. 

This is her, after the baths and feeding, curled up in a nest of blankets on the computer table where I was working, totally zonked from all of the excitement.  Notice, she isn't much bigger than the lid on my soda!

I was trying to work on taxes a bit ago, but she kept attacking the pen. I'd try to distract her with another toy, but as soon as I started writing again, she'd be up on the computer keyboard, batting at the pen.  I finally gave up and let her have the pen.   As you can see, she guards her treasures well!

She is still on the small side for her age, but she is now a healthy weight, with very pretty fur.

The other of the young cats is Q'Tesh ( a character from the TV show Stargate...  Valla is the name of the alter-ego of Q'Tesh)  She, and the rest of her litter, were thrown from a car onto the highway in front of our house back in October, when they were only about 2 weeks old.  (eyes weren't even completely open yet).  The other kittens died on impact or shortly after.  She must have taken a good bounce, because she had a face full of "road rash", a lot of ground in dirt, and a limp, but otherwise she was OK, if a bit fearful.    I cannot find my camera that has the pictures of her as a tiny kitten, but this is her today:

She healed up just fine, whiskers came in well and everything. 

The 2 old girls are hiding somewhere, so they will get a post on another day.

I put Valla on the pillow with Q'Tesh after snapping the pic, and I think she fell asleep out there, so I'd better get back to working on taxes before I lose another writing utensil!


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