Monday, March 16, 2009


I candled the eggs last night (Day 7) and I have definite veining in 5 of the 8 eggs!

I had 1 with no development, 1 scrambled, and 1 that might have veining......

So, the experiment continues!



  1. All RIGHT!!!

    I've sent away for more hatching eggs. ETA is in a couple days. I'm going to try two in case one gets scrambled, which is very possible given my lifestyle. I'm half scrambled myself.

  2. hooray! thats great! haha i just started my experiment yesterday with a silkie egg :) 5 more days til i candle. :) hope i have good luck like you and see some veining!

  3. MWA ha ha... my two replacement eggs have arrived and are now located in what Tom Ridge would call "an undisclosed location".

    It turns out that a sports bra isn't as good for this sort of thing as one of those regular Wal-Mart bras with no underwire and a tighter band size than necessary. This one keeps Pancho and Lefty in place, and each is incubating an egg. Pancho's having an easier time of it because it's just a bantam on that side. There's actually room for more eggs but these eggs have the best all-around coverage, so to squeak.

    In keeping with my BYC boast of being able to hide half of Montana in my cleavage, I've named the eggs Billings and Butte. Butte is the banty. By population, if you count the unincorporated part of Butte, that doesn't quite work out to half of Montana population-wise, but it's a good start and there's technically room here for another egg or two. More, if I was OK with letting them show (which I'm not: it won't go over well at work).

    The eggs aren't as warm as the last one was because I'm not running a monster fever like I was for my last experiment. But I bet I can crank my body temperature by pumping iron or playing with my rowing machine.

  4. I am glad this is still going...hard to remember to pop in now that it is not on the forum.