Monday, March 9, 2009

"Prove It!"

Well, a little more than 24 hours into the experiment and I am discovering that the 2 overwhelming reactions are, "You have a screw loose... you know that, don't you?" and "Prove it!" While I don't necessarily disagree with the first assessment, the second reaction is much more fun to play with. I've shocked several people today by reaching into my cleavage and pulling out an egg. I'm glad that I decided to put one of the pretty blue Ameracauna eggs on top today... once the person gets over the raw shock of my actually producing an egg, the next question centers back on the egg, and I get a chance to explain about Ameracauna chickens.



  1. Katie, I am assuming that when the eggs are not in your "incubator" you are keeping them in your other incubator? Or are you going to stop taking showers or changing your bra for a few weeks?

    How are you controlling humidity?

  2. I decided since the mother hen leaves the nest each day to eat, drink, etc. I am able to shower, change clothes, etc. without compromising the experiment. I do set the boob eggs in the conventional incubator for those brief times.

  3. OMG Katie!!! One more reason to love you! (And more validation of your grasp on sanity ... I mean that in a GOOD way!!!) Will definitely be following this Great Hatching!

    Love ya
    Polly (from veej's)

  4. Thanks everybody for keeping us when is candling day?

  5. Candling is Day 7, I think. I can't wait!!

  6. Hi, does anyone know where I can find a replacement egg? Mine had a tragic accident. I posted the messy details on yesterday's thread...