Friday, March 11, 2011

Acute Paranoid Psychosis... in a Kitten?

After running my son to school, I usually head home and spend some time in front of the computer, caffeinating, waking up, and reading blogs. (It is a good thing his school is only 3 miles away... I can drive that far half asleep!)

Suddenly, from the living room, there came the most bloodcurdling yowl, and then Q'Tesh came streaking into the bedroom, fur standing on end, ears flat to the head, eyes wild, and a pair of my super fuzzy soft socks in her mouth, with a stance that said she had captured the Holy Grail of Kittendom, and woe unto anyone foolish enough to approach her! Of course, that meant that Valla the little kitten was hard on her heels. She got to close and got a nasty, no-nonsense, smack from Q who then made a "GGGRRRRUMUMUMUMUMUMum-mum-mum-mum!" noise. I was hysterical. I wish I had a way of recording the sound. This continued for a while, flying all over the house, knocking over lamps, tumbling the freshly folded laundry, and sending various household items flying. It was enough insanity that the 2 old girls actually got up, and joined the fray. Great.  Now I have one psychotic kitten being pursued by 1 determined kitten and 2 extremely wily old cats, who kept mounting ambush attacks. At one point I tried to take the socks away, and got slashed for my efforts. That is waaaaay out of character for her.

Finally, the other 3 have mostly given up (the young kitten still keeps trying off and on and gets a severe beat-down for her efforts.)

Q is is lying in the middle of my bed, half on top of the socks, chewing and shredding them, and making goofy ummm-mum-mum-mumuGRRRRUMmm-mum-mummmmm.....  HISSSSUMNUMNUMNUMNUMMM-Mum-mum-mum-mum-mum-mum noises.

She has an expression of kitten ecstasy on her face as she rolls around on, and gnaws upon the socks.

Just another strange day in the Wise household.

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