Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Fish without a Bicycle

I have been electronically cut off from the world for 10 days; no phone, no Internet, no TV, nothing.  I felt very much like a Fish without a Bicycle.

While some people long to escape the constant connectivity of the world in which we live, I cannot stand being in a sustained "blackout".  More and more my computer is my driving link to the outside world.  I keep on top of the news, I can follow my friends through various sites, and I keep up with my correspondence (something that never happened when I had to actually write a letter, find an envelope, find a  stamp and then get it to the post office. )

What can happen in 10 days? 

A friend can shatter an elbow and have replacement surgery, while I remain ignorant, and thus unable to offer assistance.

We can go about bombing the snot out of another country (Libya).
Several hundred emails can accumulate, and that is not including the mind-boggling amount of spam I deleted.

An amazing number of blog posts can be logged by my friends; all of which I cannot wait to read, even though I will be Miss Tardy-to-the-Party in my comments.

So, I am once again able to connect with my World.

Hi, World!  I MISSED YOU!



  1. Have missed you tooooooooo! I wondered where the hell you'd gone! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. get that les MIS post up again!!!my girl!